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Wall Light Cams

Brighten Your Space, Safeguard Your Place
Solar Wall Light Cam S120 Solar Wall Light Cam S120

Solar Wall Light Cam S120

Shine a Light,
Enhanced Sight

Wall Light Cams

Monitor and Light Your Porch, Yard, Garage, Garden, and More

Solar Powered

Shine a Light, Enhanced Sight

IP65 Weather Resistant

IP65 Rating

IP65 Weather Resistant

Wall Light Cams stay tough in most weather conditions, including rain, snow, and fog.

Capture Every Detail in Full Color

Full 2K HD

Capture Every Detail in Full Color

Live streams and recordings are in full 2K HD detail, so it's easy to see every detail. Color Night Vision ensures recordings are vivid and sharp, even in the dark.

Comfortable Level of Light

Comfortable Lighting

Comfortable Level of Light

Up to 1,200 lumens of dimmable light gives cozy illumination for nighttime use while giving you a strong sense of security.

Motion-Activated Light

   <br>and Camera

Motion Activation

Motion-Activated Light
and Camera

The light and camera automatically switch on when motion is detected up to 25 ft away.

Which Wall Light Cam is Right for You?

See it in Action

“A uniquely designed light with a camera that can replace your existing wall light fixture.”

“Not only can you control the tone of the light from cool to warm, but you can also change it to another color altogether”

“A product that not only replaces your tired, standard outdoor light bulbs with a sleek modern multi-color LED light, but also has a 2K security camera”

“They've really come out with a progressive product that combines two very essential needs on the exterior of your house.”

“Kudos to eufy for the very simple install process!”

“If you are looking to add a camera to your house where you don't have power to put a camera or some additional lighting, this is the perfect choice!”

“The image quality, the soft outdoor light, the battery life, solar charging, free person detection, all wrapped into a $99 price point is perfect.”

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