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Since 2016, the home has been at the forefront of everything we do. Combining our expertise in smart cleaning technology and our pursuit of excellence, eufy Clean is committed to protecting the health of you and your family.
  • Transform Carpet Cleaning with Robot Vacuums for Carpets

    Robot vacuums designed specifically for carpets offer powerful suction and intelligent navigation to effectively clean and rejuvenate carpeted surfaces, providing a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining a pristine home. Step into the future of home cleaning with eufy's innovative robot vacuum for carpet and hardwood. These intelligent cleaning companions redefine efficiency and convenience, making your carpet maintenance a breeze.
    Boasting advanced Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 or iPath™️ Laser Navigation, eufy robotic carpet vacuums ensure accurate navigation and cover every inch of your home with strategic route planning, leaving no spot untouched. On the other hand, the powerful suction power from 2000Pa to 3200Pa brings a new level of carpet cleanliness and tackles even the most stubborn debris, leaving your carpets noticeably cleaner and rejuvenated. While the controllable water tank on these robotic carpet cleaners supports tailoring the cleaning intensity for different floors. By customizing cleaning plans and recognizing up to 3 levels in your home, our robot vacuum cleaners for carpets are truly versatile to save you time and effort for housework. Moreover, you can also create no-go zones for robot vacuum carpets to restrict access to specific areas or rooms. Additionally, enjoy taking full control of the cleaning process at your fingertips with the smartphone app, allowing you to schedule cleanings and switch modes with ease.
    Therefore, embrace the future of carpet cleaning with our carpet robot vacuum cleaners. Enjoy the convenience of vacuuming and mopping simultaneously, while the BoostIQ™ Technology ensures a seamless transition from hard floors to carpets. Plus, with voice control support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, using a robot vacuum for high pile carpets or thick carpets can all be a breeze. So transform your home with eufy's top-notch automatic vacuum for carpets now, and say hello to immaculate carpets and stress-free cleaning.

  • FAQ

    Can you use robot vacuums on carpets?

    Yes, robot vacuums can be used on carpets. There are automatic carpet vacuums equipped with intelligent navigation to cover every inch of the carpet and powerful suction to effectively remove dirt and debris from carpet fibers, rejuvenating your carpeted surfaces while saving time and effort for homeowners.

    What is the best robot vacuum for carpets?

    The best robot vacuum to clean carpets depends on your needs and preferences. Please consider factors like suction power, navigation technology, battery life, versatility, budget, etc to assess your requirement. A highly recommended product is eufy Clean L35 Hybrid+. With ultra-strong 3,200 Pa suction power, advanced iPath™️ Laser Navigation for precise cleaning, and the ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously, it provides efficient and thorough carpet cleaning. Moreover, the convenient app control and support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant offer a seamless and effortless carpet cleaning experience, making it the ideal robot vacuum cleaner for carpeted surfaces.
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